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“Jingle Jangle” is the BEST Movie Ever!

Netflix’s “Jingle Jangle” is the best thing that ever happened to me. This movie made me feel super magical while sending a much needed reminder that anything is possible. Please watch it with your royal children today because it is a holiday classic that is dripping with black excellence. It’s classy, elegant and filled with something our children need more of: WONDER! The music, set, costume and hair design deserve every award possible. The acting, singing and dancing brought joy and cultural pride to my holiday heart! This movie gets 5 crowns from me. 👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾🎉🎬🎭@phyliciarashad @forestwhitaker #blackgirlmagic #blackcinema @davidetalbert @johnlegend

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