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Latest Release: Culture Queen's 1st Picture Book! 


Summary: In rhyming text, Culture Queen and her royal children celebrate body positivity through their cultural identity. 

Inspired by the uplifting lyrics of my popular song "I Like the Me I See!" from the children's album by the same title, the rhythmical text accompanies vibrant images of royal children and I celebrating all the qualities that make us who we are. With a focus on body positivity and self-affirmation, we proudly proclaim our African-American cultural identity through phrases packed with meaning: "I like my skin, I feel comfortable within." "Though we're different from one another, I won't compare myself to others." "I like the me I see, so I'll stick to being me." Illustrator Solomia Kovalchuk's rich, colorful illustrations were inspired by photos of ten years' worth of  my real-life interactions many Culture Kingdom Kids at shows and workshops. The background of each page is filled with Adinkra symbols from Ghana, West Africa. It’s my hope that children who read this book will feel inspired to discover what they love about themselves; and that this journey of self love and cultural identity will be one that is never-ending!

Royal Reviews:

" ‘I Like The Me I See’ is a rhythmic declaration of self-actualization. It's a celebration of every single thing that we find beautiful about ourselves, from the coils of magnificence on our heads to the unique prints on the soles of our feet. An ode to everything that makes us REGAL." 

-Derrick Barnes, Award-Winning Author of “Crown: An Ode To The Fresh Cut” 

 " ‘I Like the Me I See!’ helps children to celebrate their individuality and each unique part of what makes them a special person unlike anyone else. "I Like the Me I See” makes a courageous statement to all of us whether young or old. The Culture Queen is building up our young people with the knowledge of who they truly are while teaching them that this knowledge is indeed their Super Power. That singular lesson will live on into the future and ultimately be a blessing to the entire nation. "I Like the Me I See" will reverberate for generations to come.”

-Dr. Tawnya Pettiford-Wates. Scholar. Director & Activist

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